I'm a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and animator based in Lugo (Spain). I am passionate about art and aesthetics, as well as space, the unknown and the part of reality that can not be seen. Much of my recent work is personal art in which I explore these subjects, but I also do commissioned work related to advertising, branding, illustration and UI/UX.

The observatory Illustration
Gryffin -
Gravity Pt.1
Graphic design / Animation
Experimental remixes Illustration
CloudKid Collab Illustration
The birth Illustration / Animation
36 days of type Graphic design
Liberdades Sonoras Graphic design
M O V O S Illustration / Animation
Lugo Cultura Dixital Corporate identity
Quadrature Illustration
Ho! Gruf Graphic design
Bone and magic Illustration
Eranchini Illustration / UI-UX / Video mapping
Fugly + Whales Illustration / Graphic design
Tales of Errantia Illustration
Gym Class Lettering
Gěren-Tērtïa Animation / Video mapping